The Introduction to Autism course is a 2-day training programme for teachers, SNAs and early years educators supporting children with autism in the classroom next September.

This training will be delivered online via Zoom on Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th of July and the recordings will be available for one month afterwards.

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to gain more knowledge on how to support students with autism.

  • Feel unsure which adaptations you need to make in the classroom.

  • Want to know how to deal with problematic behaviours from the start.

  • Want clear and straightforward guidelines to support children with language delays.

  • Want to feel prepared and equipped to teach students with ASD.

What you will learn in this 2-day training:

  • How to support children transitioning into your class in September.
  • How children with autism learn and experience the world.
  • How to respond to challenging behaviour.
  • How to help children with language delay communicate.
  • How to adapt group activities so children with autism can take part.


Introduction to autism.
In this class, you will learn what autism is and how it impacts children’s development. You will also learn how children with autism learn best and how you can support them in the classroom.

Planning for transition into school or preschool.
This session will help you prepare students with ASD in their transition to your classroom. You will learn three key elements to help children transition smoothly into your classroom in September. 

Language in the classroom.
Many children with autism also present with language and communication difficulties. In this class, you will learn how to support children with language delays, so they can engage, learn, and communicate effectively in school.


In this class, we will discuss the reasons and challenges of inclusion in mainstream environments. You will learn how to plan effective inclusion goals.

Autism and sensory integration.
Here we will discuss how sensory processing impacts children's performance in the classroom. You will learn strategies for supporting children with sensory integration difficulties.

Promoting positive behaviour.
You will learn fundamental principles for promoting positive behaviour in the classroom from the start of the school year. We will also discuss how to respond to challenging behaviour if it occurs.

Early Bird


Available Until June 23rd

(Full Price €157)

  • Two days live training
  • Guidance from a team of specialists
  • Recordings available for 1 month
  • Resources available to download
  • Certificate of completion

The Tools You Need To Support Students With Autism In September

Give your students a positive start in the classroom in September. This training will help you plan their transition, so they feel happy and confident starting in their new classroom.

Schedule Details

Dates: Wednesday the 7th & Thursday the 8th of July 2021
Times: 10 am to 2.30 pm (lunch break included)

  • Handouts available for downloading
  • Additional printables including Transition Passport and Social Story









Anna McGuire (Speech & Language Therapist)

Anna Mcguire

(Senior Speech & Language Therapist)

Anna is a Senior Speech and Language Therapist. She has been supporting children with intellectual disabilities and autism for more than ten years. Anna currently works in a child development clinic with St. Michael´s House. Before this, she worked with the HSE and the NHS in the UK.

Silvia Angel (Early Intervention Specialist)

Silvia Angel

(Early Intervention Specialist)

Silvia is an Educational Consultant and Early Intervention Specialist. Silvia has worked in child development clinics in Ireland, supporting children with disabilities and autism for almost 20 years. Silvia is also an event speaker and the creator of The Circle Programme.

Kate Monaghan (Senior Occupational Therapist)

Kate Monaghan

(Senior Occupational Therapist)

Kate is a Senior Occupational Therapist and a Sensory Integration Practitioner. Kate has worked in public and private clinics in Ireland and the UK, supporting children of all ages. Kate started her career as an SNA, which provides her with a deep understanding of how to support SEN students in the classroom.