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What is Lámh?

Lámh is a manual hand sign language system used by children and adults with intellectual disabilities and communication difficulties in Ireland.

Today, many children with special needs use Lámh successfully at home, school and in the community.

Children with a variety of diagnosis such as Down syndrome, autism, and developmental delays, benefit enormously from using signs to communicate. 

Why use Lámh?

Lámh supports young children to develop a good foundation for speech and language development.

By using signs, children learn to listen and pay attention, they grow vocabulary at a faster pace and experience less frustration as they can be easily understood by using signs.

Children who use Lámh need the support of the people around them. 

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Amanda Allen | Teacher Ravenswell N.S. Bray

"Silvia was extremely helpful. Her ideas for implementing Lámh in our ASD classroom were excellent."

Amanda Allen | Teacher
Ravenswell N.S. Bray

Amanda Allen | Teacher Ravenswell N.S. Bray

"My daughter started using some signs at home just a few days after. You made the pieces of my puzzle come together."

Jurgita Valatkiene | Mother, Kilkenny

Amanda Allen | Teacher Ravenswell N.S. Bray

"Silvia was very charismatic, extremely knowledgeable and her experience shone throughout"

Niamh O’Toole | Teacher
Educate Together N.S. Balbriggan

Courses for 2022

Module One



15th & 16th August 2022
7 pm – 8.30 pm
(Both evenings


Lámh Add-On



18th & 19th August 2022
7 pm – 9 pm
(Both evenings)

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Module One



20th August 2022
9.30 am to 1.30 pm
(Break from 11 am - 12 pm)


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"Brilliant course. One of the most useful I have taken in 14 years as an SNA. Silvia is a very knowledgeable Lámh trainer"

Sheryl McElwee | SNA
St. Augustine’s N.S, Blackrock

Visit Lámh For More Information

All Lámh signs used on this website are with reference to the official Lámh website.
You can find more information, advice, courses, training, resources and research etc on the official Lámh website.


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