The CIRCLE Programme!

A Focused 6 Step Proven Plan for creating a classroom environment where you are confident that children with autism are learning, having fun and thriving.

If you are a teacher or educator supporting children with autism, this is your chance to FINALLY say goodbye to overwhelm and get to work on a step-by-step plan to create an environment for any child with autism to develop to their full potential.

Enrollment for the CIRCLE Programme 2022 will be opening soon!

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"It has given insight into so many aspects of supporting children who have ASD and their families. It was both practical and thought-provoking"

Anna Jennings | Principal Scoil Naomh Pádraig

"It shows practical ways to make small changes that can create a big difference to a child and the learning outcome"

Theresa O’Connor
Powerscourt Educate Together Dublin

"The expert sessions were all excellent.
I would highly recommend it! Teachers, parents and SNAs should all do it."

Helen O'Meara
ASD Teacher

Sacred Heart JNS Dublin

"Has given me renewed confidence in our work with children and families with special needs. Great resources."

Rebecca Egan
Early Years Educator
Narnia Nursery Dublin

Discover EXACTLY What's Covered in

THE CIRCLE PROGRAMME is a formula that gives you the tools to help your students learn and thrive in the classroom. 

The Circle Programme includes 6 modules with in-depth tutorials and downloadable resources to guide you through the six building blocks that create solid learning foundations for your students.

In each module, you will get a clear step by step guide on what to do in the classroom to support YOUR students and the resources you will need ready to print and use.

6 Modules of Training To Transform Your Classroom, Including:


Understand autism and how autistic children learn best. Create the optimum environment for children to feel comfortable, cooperate and learn.


Organise the classroom so that it provides the support your students need to feel calm and confident. When these supports are in place,  children become more independent.


Communicate effectively in the classroom, so your students understand your instructions. Give non-speaking children a voice by implementing communication supports systems and help speaking children develop conversational skills.


Understand how children with autism perceive and experience the world around them and understand how this impacts their performance and behaviour. Learn about the interventions you can implement concerning your child´s specific needs.


Promote good behaviour in the classroom from the start of the school year. Learn how to plan and implement interventions to support children with more challenging behaviour in the school.


Learn why the inclusion of all children is essential and how this inclusion benefits children with special needs, their peers, and the wider community. Discover the different stages of the inclusion process that will allow you to plan effective socialisation and inclusion goals.

PLUS! You will receive additional bonuses and resources when you join The Circle Programme EARLY BIRD Option.

So don't forget to sign up to our waitlist to avail of these extra bonuses!

BONUS 1.  

In this bonus class, we will discuss working and supporting parents of children with additional needs.

After this class, you will have a deeper understanding of parent’s concerns and how you can support parents at various stages.

You will also learn how to manage difficult conversations so that the relationship between the school and the family remains positive and healthy.



In this interactive class, you will learn how to use communication systems and supports in the classroom. You will be introduced to different communication systems, such as pictures, devices and signs, and guided through the first steps using these.



Reading and writing are essential skills for successful education in school. Children with autism often benefit from additional supports to learn writing. In this session, you will learn how to promote fine motor skills, pencil skills and how to help children who are struggling with writing.



Children with autism often struggle with the process of reading. While Jolly Phonics and sight reading and similar teaching methods work for many children in schools, children with autism benefit from additional pre-reading and reading activities to set up a foundation for reading successfully.



The CIRCLE Formula is a unique formula that will help you plan group activities inclusive to all children. This formula can be used to plan group activities in special needs classes, and also group activities in mainstream groups so a child with special needs can learn and participate actively in the class.



Teaching children with additional needs often requires spending time making adaptations and creating resources for them. With The Circle Programme, you will get done-for-you resources that will save you time. These resources include visuals for classroom routines, choice boards, classroom rules visual, news sharer and many others.



Join our PRIVATE Facebook Group, where you will meet other like-minded teachers and educators. You will build long-lasting relationships with other educators, share knowledge, ask questions, and have a constant supply of inspiration. Whenever you feel stuck, the community is here for you. In this community, no educator will ever feel alone!

"It has been the most practical and comprehensive course I have completed on autism so far in my career. The sessions with the psychologist, occupational therapist and speech therapist were very beneficial. The course covered lots of practical tips and I availed of the Q&A session with Silvia who was a wealth of knowledge and gave me very useful tips for dealing with children in my class."

Aisling Weldon Teacher
Scoil Mhuire, Abbeyside, Dungarvan


The CIRCLE Programme will teach you how to graduate from STARTING to create a classroom environment for children with special needs, to TRANSFORMING it into a place where children with autism will engage, learn and thrive.

This program was Intentionally Created with a Very Specific Educator in Mind...

✔️ This training course is for teachers, classroom assistants and early years educators working with children with autism. Parents are also welcome in this programme.

✔️ This programme is best suited to professionals and parents of children with autism aged from 3 to 8 years (preschool to second class).

✔️ This training is for people who want a comprehensive programme and action plan to support children´s development.

✔️ This programme is for teachers & educators looking for a TRANSFORMATION in the classroom so that children with autism develop to their full potential.

"I feel more confident and able in my role as a teacher. I feel more empathy towards the parents/guardians and have a firm belief in the importance of working together as a team.
This course has helped my students in many ways. One way in which it helped my students was in the use of more visual learning aids such as visual timetables, first/then etc and how to maximise their usage.
Yes, I found the expert sessions very informative.
The course content, website, interactions, resources etc . were fantastic.
Yes I would definitely recommend this course and training"

Elaine Burke
ASD unit, St. Joseph´s N.S. Arklow


Get INSTANT ACCESS to a community of highly motivated educators like yourself who will inspire & support you in your new journey!


Create real and lasting friendships with other like-minded educators in the group!


Get the ANSWER you need... at the time WHEN you need it!


Get another pair (or a hundred) of eyes & ears to give you guidance!


Get supported even when you feel overwhelmed or have a bad day!

Feel stuck or lost? Need help or advice? In this community, no educator is alone!

"Silvia is very knowledgeable in the fold of inclusion and has a very good understanding of what works best for children with SEN"

Kathleen Fitzgerald
Special Education Teacher
St. Paul’s School

Delivered By A Team Of Experts

Silvia Angel

(Early Intervention Specialist)

Silvia is an Educational Consultant and Early Intervention Specialist. Silvia has worked in child development clinics in Ireland, supporting children with disabilities and autism for almost 20 years.

Silvia is also an event speaker and the creator of The Circle Programme.

Anna Mcguire

(Senior Speech & Language Therapist)

Anna is a Senior Speech and Language Therapist. She has been supporting children with intellectual disabilities and autism for more than ten years.

Anna currently works in a child development clinic with St. Michael´s House. Before this, she worked with the HSE and the NHS in the UK.

Kate Monaghan

(Senior Occupational Therapist)

Kate is a Senior Occupational Therapist and a Sensory Integration Practitioner. Kate has worked in public and private clinics in Ireland and the UK, supporting children of all ages.

Kate started her career as an SNA, which provides her with a deep understanding of how to support SEN students in the classroom.

Aisling Towey

(Senior Clinical Psychologist)

Aisling is a Senior Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working in child development clinics in Ireland.

Aisling is also a lecturer in psychological studies with University College Dublin and Trinity College. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The CIRCLE Programme

Have a question you need to be answered before enrolling in The CIRCLE Programme? Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get. But if you do not see your question, simply reach out by emailing Anna, Kate or myself. ([email protected])

1. I have done autism courses and webinars already. Why should I consider this training?

Most autism courses focus on giving people information on autism and strategies to support autistic children. However, that doesn't guarantee that you will implement those strategies successfully with your students once you finish that training. 

The CIRCLE Programme will give you information, but with the difference that there is an actionable plan at the end of each module, so you know step-by-step what to do to help your students. 

The goal of this programme is not for you to get another certificate (Which you will get), but for you to see your students progress week after week.

Most autism courses focus on giving people information on autism and strategies to support autistic children. However, that doesn't guarantee that you will implement those strategies successfully with your students once you finish that training. 

The CIRCLE Programme will give you information, but with the difference that there is an actionable plan at the end of each module, so you know step-by-step what to do to TRANSFORM your classroom so your students can thrive. 

The goal of this programme is not for you to get another certificate (Which you will get!), but for you to see your students progress week after week.

What makes THIS programme different from any course you've ever taken can be broken down into four distinct areas:

#1. Mindset - Understanding the underlining issues that are present in children with autism.
#2. Focus - Put in place the 6-Building Blocks needed to give you clarity and focus on creating effective plans for your children.
#3. Action Plan - A SMART and MEASURABLE goal-achieving framework to create Individual Educational Plans (IEP) for each student.
#4. Transformation - Using the six modules of training to TRANSFORM your Classroom so your students can develop to their full potential.

2. I am not sure if this training is a good fit for me?

The CIRCLE Programme has been crafted for teachers, early years educators and classroom assistants working with autistic children 3 to 8 years of age. Educators working with older children with complex needs have also completed the programme and found it very helpful. In the past, a small number of families have also completed the training, and they found it extremely helpful. A small group of school principals also completed previous training, reporting this being incredibly valuable in their role.

It's suitable for educators with no previous experience and knowledge of autism, and it's also ideal for educators with experience and prior training in autism.  If you are new to special education, we'll help you building supports for autistic children in the classroom. 

If you are an experienced educator, we will fine-tune interventions and solve issues that arise in the classroom.  This training is for educators who are willing to grow their knowledge and implement what they learn ...Educators who are eager to see their students making progress.

If you are still not sure if this programme is good for you, don't hesitate to reach me at [email protected] and discuss this. 

3. I can't attend the sessions on Tuesdays!

That is not a problem! When you enrol in The CIRCLE Programme, you will gain access to the course website. Every week, a new module will be there. If you cannot attend the sessions live on Tuesdays, you can watch the modules on-demand at the time that suits you best.

Remember that you can ask questions in the comments section of the course website and our Facebook Private Group.  The FB Group is a super new addition this year where you can interact with our tutors and your colleagues.

Many students in the past have followed the programme on-demand with great success. That's the advantage of online courses! So you are not rushing to get to a place at a specific time. You can complete the modules at the time that suits you best.

4. Why has The CIRCLE Programme gone up in price since last year?

The CIRCLE Programme is ever-evolving, and this year, there is so much new content, and we are teaching it from a new dedicated course platform called Kajabi. 

We'll be supporting students not only on the day of the training but all week long. 

The CIRCLE Programme started as a face to face workshop that I used to teach by myself. When Covid hit, I started teaching this workshop on zoom, gradually adding new content and inviting other experts to teach some of the modules. 

Today, there is a team of 5 people between experts and technical support. We have also made the course accessible on the go on your phone app. (App Store and Google Play) 

My team and I will be available to students at the live sessions on Tuesdays and during the week on the course website and the private Facebook group. 

5. My school is covering the cost of the training. How can the school make a payment?

If your school is buying the programme for you, email me with the school details, and I can invoice the school directly. 

6. The course sounds overwhelming! How many hours of work a week do I have to dedicate?

One of the goals of the CIRCLE Programme is to reduce overwhelm, not to add to it! 

Each module is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I suggest blocking time off once a week to complete these. Committing to attending the sessions live on Tuesdays can help you keep up and get the most out of this training programme

Each module comes with actionable steps, but remember that all the recommended work will be directly related to the work you do every day in the classroom. So it doesn't require "extra time". It requires you to do things slightly different in the classroom. We have created resources ready for you to print and use, to save you time. 

During the week, the tutors will share some new content on the Private Facebook Group and answer participant's questions. You can participate as much or as little as you want in this Facebook group. 

7. Is there an exam or evaluation at the end of The CIRCLE Programme?

No, there is not.

The reason why there is no exam is that I want you to focus sorely on your students. It's not about 'doing your homework for us'; instead, I want you to dedicate that time to make adaptations in the classroom and implement interventions with your students

We, as tutors, don't want to spend time correcting exams either. Why? Because instead, we would rather spend that time working with you so together we can help your students make progress week after week

8. I am not working with children with autism now, but I would like to in the future? Can I still do this programme?

This programme will give you a deep understanding of autism and interventions for children with autism. 

If you are working with children with special needs, you can implement many interventions you will learn with your students. 

However, if you are not working with children with autism or other special needs, you may not fully benefit from this programme.

A better option for you is a general autism course, where you can learn about autism. 

You can consider joining The CIRCLE Programme once you start working with autistic children.

9. I am not good with technology. I am afraid to do a course entirely online.

Once you have a laptop or a smartphone, you can easily access and complete The CIRCLE Programme. 

The live sessions will take place on Zoom. We email the zoom link to participants every week. 

Just click one link to attend the class; that's it!

The course website is also straightforward to use. You will have access to the course website to print resources, such as worksheets and visual schedules. 

We also have technical support available to all students if you are stuck with any of the technical aspects of the programme. 

10. What is your refund policy?

Participants can try The CIRCLE Programme for 21 days after the start date on the 5th of October. If after 21 days you think this programme is not suitable for you, we will offer you a refund. 

However, participants applying for the refund will have to send me the completed worksheets for the first three modules. Why? Because I know this programme works when you implement what you have learned. I want participants to commit to the training before concluding that this doesn't work for them. But if you have gone through the first three modules, done the work, but are still not satisfied, then we'll offer the refund.